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Before humans could even write things down we were making visual depictions in the form of graphics on the walls of caves and rock formations. Even in the modern age those simple graphics convey great meaning about the lives of our earliest ancestors. Expressing communication graphically, whether by vector images, still photography or video, is the essence of Pixel-Mesh.

Every element of your visual communication, from the shape, the framing, editing, angle and coloring is meant to convey meaning to the observer. The greatest visual arts reach past the conscious and tap into that great well of emotional meaning that lies inside each one of us and defines what it means to be human.

At Pixel-Mesh we seek first to understand and then seek out graphical, photographic and video elements that convey that understanding to the viewer. Great communication conveys meaning across language and cultural barriers. Even if viewers don’t understand the language, well-crafted communication will still convey the meaning. We have experience with customers in a wide range of industries, helping them convey their message to employees, partners and customers.

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A photo can capture a moment in time immortalizing the subject. There is no better way to preserve a special event or highlight your commodity. I specialize in industrial and still life photography as well as candid informal portraits.

Here you will find a few selections from my portfolio.

Video Production
You have a video to shoot, edit and produce? We can do it.

My work includes corporate presentation and training videos, personal video biographies (a visual life history interview). I've shot Weddings, Bar / Bat Mitzvah's, Talent Shows and public service announcments. Due to the size of video files I have selected only two samples for you to watch from our catalog of projects. Enjoy the show.

Care Ambulance Video
Click to play video.

Care Ambulance Service
Run time: 2:38

A series of 10 training videos were commissioned by Care Ambulance to highlight specific training topics. This video, Uniforms & Professionalism can be played by clicking the image to the left.

Photo at left: ©2011 Aaron Rosen

133rd Basic Fire Academy Video
Click to play video.

133rd Basic Fire Academy
Run time: 10:02

This video was shot in 2004 to document the Santa Ana College 133rd Basic Fire Academie's to day to day training program for presentation to family and friends during graduation. The video is highly compressed and displayed at a smaller resolution due to it's duration.

You may watch the video by clicking the image to the left.

Photo at left: ©2006 Aaron Rosen

Anthony Faulkner
Click to play video.

Anthony Faulkner -
Faith Music Video
Run time: 3:01

This music video was shot for the world wide release of Anthony Faulkner's CD release Faith.

You may watch the video by clicking the image to the left.

Photo at left: ©2006 Aaron Rosen

Website Design
Today a presence on the web is necessary. The internet is no longer a luxury, it's a utility as necessary as running water and electricity. Without a website your business, brand or idea will be left behind. In addition to a website, to be competitive you will need a social media integration with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more. Can I really provide all that? Yes, without a doubt.

Balloons Sound Great Website

Balloons Sound Great

Balloons Sound Great required a website redesign from the ground up. The bold new look utilizes bright colors a clear type face to accent the photograph's subject.

Doctor's Ambulance Website

Doctor's Ambulance Service

Doctor's Ambulance is a private ambulance company providing emergency 9-1-1 and private ambulance transportation to the resident's of South Orange County, California.

LifeSaver Int'l Inc. Website

LifeSaver Int'l, Inc.
alifesaver.com | twitter.com/LifeSaverInc

LifeSaver Int'l provides first of it's kind saliva based testing for alcohol, drugs of abuse, pregnancy, HIV /AIDS, malaria and more. In addition to the website, a social media campaign as begun with Twitter, and online videos.

Balloons Sound Great

West Coast Event & Balloon Arts Convention

For the third time WCE&BAC has worked with Pixel-Mesh to produce their website. This robust website aligns members of the event and party planning / production communities from accross the globe.


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